Cassie travels to Club Med Maldives

Cassie travels to Club Med Maldives

Cassie travels to Club Med Maldives

I was delighted to be invited to the Club Med VIP trip to the Maldives visiting two Club Med properties in one of the best places in the world! What a dream come true.

As a group of VIP agents from around Australia, we all flew in around the same time excited to meet each other and enjoy the experience for the next few days. I have never been to Club Med Kani or Finolhu and to experience the resort reassures me that I have been doing the right thing by booking my clients at either of the Club Med Maldives properties.

Club Med Kani - This tiny paradise, exclusively reserved for Club Med guests, is part of a world famous site for divers in the Maldives, set along a 2-kilometre stretch of private beach where natural wildlife thrives on land and sea, and thrilling water sports and adventures are yours for the taking. The best part is the unforgettable crystal-clear blue water! The resort has both 4 and 5 trident spaces (4 and 5-star areas).

When I arrived at the airport, I couldn’t believe exiting the airport to see a dock full of speed boats. What a way to travel, no cars or traffic to get into a city or destination. The speed boat was flat and fast which made it a pleasant 30 minute trip to the island of Kani. We were met by the Go’s, who are the friendly staff that will make your holiday one to remember. They were singing and celebrating our arrival, which made me feel so excited to see what else was yet to come. It was around this time that I looked up to see the resort surrounded by pure white sand and blue water, I couldn’t believe my eyes! It’s true what they say that first impressions last.

I was lucky enough to stay in an Overwater Suite which is above the crystal-clear blue water located in the Mantra area. The area is 5 Trident (5 Star) and only accessible for clients that have booked the Overwater Suites. This area has a dedicated bar and area for guests to relax and take in their stunning surroundings.

My mornings consisted of waking up to the most beautiful sunrises over the water, this is where taking a bath in the early morning and watching the fish swim around in the crystal blue water was so exhilarating.  Pinch pinch!

On the first morning I ordered my breakfast to my room and WOW, I couldn’t believe I was still there. All I had to do was fill in an order of what and when I wanted my breakfast to be delivered, and then the morning was all mine.

Even though I stayed in the Overwater Suites, I would have been just as happy to stay in the beach villas, as you can walk straight out of your room onto the sand. The villas looked like they have very cosy rooms.

When the program was given to me for the day’s activities, I was very happy to see that first thing in the morning was meditation by the sea. How could I resist? It made my day that much better when I realised, I had many more days just like this to revive myself from the busy world I live in. (Yes, busy booking your holidays to places like this!)  

After mediation I had a lot of activities to choose from, like snorkelling, sailing, surfing, flying trapeze, stand up paddle boarding, jet skiing, fishing or just swimming and relaxing in the shallow calm waters.

Club Med is an All-inclusive holiday package. This means that all meals and drinks are included in your package. Drinks comprise of a wide selection of spirits, cocktails (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), soft drinks, beer, wine, water, tea and coffee. Top shelf alcohol is the only option which will have an extra charge. Snacks are also available at selected times -throughout the day and evening. During my days one of my favourite things to do was to just relax and sit by the bar on the beach sipping on a Pina Colada. I’m in heaven!

Lunch at Club Med Kani was amazing, there were so many different choices of numerous cuisines from all over the world. Nothing like most buffets where you pile on food – here your plates are made for you with the choice of what you would like and of course you can go back for seconds. Scrumptious!

Dinner was just as exciting - you can dine in the main area (buffet style) or you can dine in the A La Carte restaurant which is a wonderful dining experience. After dinner Club Med will put on a night entertainment show, and this is different every day. The over-water bar has a stage for the performers where you can enjoy a live show, have a couple of drinks and dance the night away with the GO’s. Fun, fun, fun! The GO’s are there to make your stay unique and they truly do that with an enthusiastic and fun approach. Let’s just say you have to experience it to believe it!

On one of the days we all got together with Club Med staff and listened to how Club Med was moving forward. The growth of Club Med was astounding, and I was told four more resorts will be opening very soon, including the Seychelles which is really exciting.  So, watch this space!

The Club Med Kani resort exceeded my expectations more than any other resort. This was mainly due to thinking the Maldives a honeymoon destination – how wrong was I? The Maldives, especially Club Med Kani, has so much to offer to anyone and everyone!

My time at Club Med Kani came to an end, but Club Med had one more surprise up their sleeves, leaving the best for last. And WOW what a surprise. I was whisked away by speed boat and 5 minutes later I was at the other Club Med resort called Finolhu.  Club Med Finolhu is a 5 Trident resort, which means 5-star luxury.

Arriving at Club Med Finolhu, I could not believe my eyes. I was here in paradise at an extravagant private island retreat! We had a butler from the time we arrived, until the time we left. The butler was here to help put away our clothes and brought us delicious cocktails to sip on. Walking to my overwater villa was something I never dreamed I would see – yes it was that good! The surroundings of the resort felt new and exotic, and the Villa itself is enormous with its own pool overlooking the water. I shed a little tear as I was so overwhelmed and speechless at the beauty around me. The Villas has one bedroom, a lounge room, two bathrooms (one inside and outside), with all the modern conveniences you can think of. The Beach Villas are actually the same layout, but instead of being over the water, they are on the beautiful white beach with the water right at your front door - just as stunning!

Club Med Finolhu is also All-inclusive, including meals and beverages of your choice. You can experience a very relaxing spa treatment or massage, either in your own Villa or at the Ila Spa. I experienced a massage where the massage table was positioned over a glass bottom floor, so that I could look at the crystal-clear water below. That was extremely relaxing to say the very least.

The restaurant has an area with clear floors, so you can see the water and wildlife swimming underneath your feet. The food was more of a refined dining experience and silver service, and each day they would change the menu. Breakfast was also served at the same location; however, it was quieter during this time which meant that I could take in the views.

I found that at Finolhu it’s more about relaxing and being pampered and less about adventurous activities. One of the best experiences I had at Finolhu was by the main pool. It was one of the best infinity pools I have ever experienced. Imagine an infinity pool over the pristine stunning waters of the Maldives showcasing magnificent views. I would say this place is for the traveller who is looking to escape the world completely. Club Med Finolhu is also my top selection for a honeymoon getaway.

With my days in this amazing place coming to an end, there was one final get together where Club Med congratulated the VIP agents. There was a little awards presentation where a couple of outstanding awards were given out, and yes, I was one of them! 2018 Spirit award goes to Cassie Muhlhan. Just when I thought things couldn’t get any better!

Thank you, Club Med, for the best experience I have ever had, and I can’t wait to share my wonderful experiences with my clients.

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