Northern Lights, Ice Hotels and Huskies

Northern Lights, Ice Hotels and Huskies

The Arctic Circle, Lapland, the Sami people, drive a reindeer sled, snow shoe through thick snow drifts, enjoy huskie rides and smash through ice floes on an ice breaker ship before wearing cozy dry suits and swimming in the frozen Baltic. Stay in Santa’s cottages, extraordinary Glass Villas, and in an amazing Ice Hotel where your bed and whole room is carved from pure frozen river water. Visit an Ice Castle, dine in a beautifully decorated Ice restaurant and ride on a thrilling snowmobile through the arctic forests chasing the elusive Aurora Borealis – the Northern Lights.

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Tour Highlights

Sleep in glass walled villas beside a frozen sea, in an Ice Hotel on Reindeer furs, and in log cabins with private saunas

Drive your own reindeer sled, take husky rides through the snowy wilderness of Lapland

Explore and Ice Castle and dine in the elaborately carved Ice Restaurant

Take an amazing Ice Breaker ride and put on dry suits for a once in a lifetime experience – floating and bobbing amongst huge lumps of ice in the Baltic Sea

Ride on snowmobiles deep into the frozen forest searching for the Northern Lights

Tour Inclusions

where2travel host Lisa Ioakimidis

Accommodation and sightseeing as specified in the itinerary

15 Meals – 8 Breakfasts and 7 Dinners

Tour Map
DAY  1: Arrive Helsinki

Your tour commences this evening in cosmopolitan Helsinki. Before dinner, enjoy a welcome drink in the hotel with your Tour Manager and fellow Arctic Adventurers.

Accommodation: Hotel Vaakuna  (Dinner)

DAY 2: Rovaniemi

Today we fly north to Rovaniemi – the gateway city to Lapland. First, we visit the award winning Arktikum Museum of Science and Lapland Culture to learn about the mysterious Aurora Borealis and the indigenous Sami people. Afterwards, ‘My Time’ to explore Rovaniemi. We spend the next two nights in Santa Claus’ village, located literally on the Arctic Circle. Far from corny, this is such a great place to stay and here you will be amazed to discover a whole township of shops, wooden cabins, bars, restaurants. Dinner tonight is in the 3 Elves restaurant. 

Accommodation: Santa Claus Holiday Village (Breakfast and Dinner)

DAY 3: Rovaniemi

Dressed in Arctic weather clothing – rather like big quilted boiler suits, boots, hats and mittens – we visit the Arctic Reindeer Centre. Sitting beside a log fire in a large wooden igloo you will enjoy a warm drink and a ‘reindeer’ talk before learning to drive your own sleigh (two people per sleigh)  on a circuit through the snow-covered woods. Later you will put on snow shoes and step out and trek over deep snow through the nearby woods. It is so easy, and the quietness when walking over such light snow is wonderful.

The rest of the day is free in the Arctic Circle complex. Time for a warming mulled wine or Akvavit?

Accommodation: Santa Claus Holiday Village (Breakfast)

DAY 4: Kemi

First stop will be in the centre of Kemi, located on the frozen Baltic Coast. Later we settle into our amazing Glass Villas which are set beside the frozen Baltic Sea! Make sure you take a walk out over the ice sheets, across to one of the frozen islands.

Next it is time to visit and explore the Ice Castle with its snow hotel, and later we will dine in the frozen ‘long hall’. It is  a remarkable experience sitting on reindeer pelts draped over ice benches, enjoying dinner surrounded by beautifully decorated ice walls carved with animals, patterns and pictures.

Accommodation: Glass Villas (Breakfast and Dinner)

DAY 5: Kemi

Your morning is free to relax and explore. Subject to daily availability, you may be able to arrange ice fishing or for the thrill seekers, Ice Karting. You can even hire out Lamborghinis or Tesla cars and take them for ‘a spin’ on the ice! You don’t even need a licence because you will not be driving on land!

Later we board the Ice Breaker Sampo to carve a path out through the thick sea ice. Way out at sea, the ship will smash an open water pool. Time for a swim! Putting on ‘dry suits’ you can jump in the water to float and swim amongst the broken ice flows.

Your dry suits are incredibly warm, and you actually put them on over your clothes. Snug as a bug, they are incredibly buoyant, and you do not even need to swim as you can just lay back and float amongst the ice chunks like ‘Teletubbies’. A stunning experience. 

Accommodation: Glass Villas (Breakfast and Dinner)

DAY 6: Jukkasjärvi

Entering Sweden’s vast forested wilderness we arrive into Jukkasjärvi, which means ‘meeting by the water’. For centuries the local Sámi tribes have come together here and at the Nutti Sámi Siida culture and reindeer park we take a guided walk through the reconstructed village and cultural centre.  

Next stop, our incredible ICEHOTEL!

Why do we choose to stay in this particular ‘ICEHOTEL’?  

It’s easy - Time Magazine listed this ICEHOTEL among the top 100 places to see on our entire planet! That’s why!

Each year when the wild River Torne freezes deeply, they cut out the clear Arctic ice to build an absolutely astonishing ice complex. Each summer the ice melt flows naturally back into  its source. Set in a picturesque winter wonderland setting, with dry powdery snow drooping off laden branches of birch and fir trees, the landscape promises winter walks along forested pathways and amazing adventures on frozen lakes and rivers.

In this complex you will also discover wooden cabins, reception areas and restaurants. In the Riverside Lobby with its open fire, changing rooms and saunas, we collect our full Arctic weather clothing, complete with ice boots, balaclavas and mittens, which you will wear on your adventures over the next two days.

On our guided IceHotel tour, we will explore the giant white hallways with frozen pillars and ice chandeliers, the wedding chapel with its ice pews, and the bedrooms and suites lovingly carved by Ice Artists. One might have a giant gorilla bursting out of the wall, another frozen jelly fish dangling above you, some… the list goes on! Time for a welcome drink in the fantastic ICEBAR, with glasses made of ice, of course! Tonight, dinner is in a delightful warm, wooden cabin which is ranked in the top 3 restaurants in Swedish Lapland.

Accommodation: ICEHOTEL (Breakfast and Dinner)

DAY 7: Jukkasjärvi

This morning we ride with huskies into the wilderness. Climbing aboard – 4 four people to a sleigh – we chase along the frozen River Torne and into the unspoiled wilderness. Their breath billowing like smoke in the sub-freezing morning air, we follow forested pathways twisting this way and that and then stop at a small wooden igloo where a fire is built for our coffee and biscuits.

Your afternoon is free back at the hotel. There is lots you can do. Ice carving? Husky training? Snow shoeing and wilderness walks or, just relax and enjoy ‘My Time’.

Tonight we will enjoy an escorted night time snowmobile safari chasing the Aurora Borealis. With two people per snowmobile, we drive deep into the wilderness, far away from any civilisation or light pollution. Stopping regularly, your expert ‘Northern Lights’ guide will talk about this remarkable phenomenon and the surrounding pristine countryside. Dinner will be in a wooden cabin in the forest. What a terrific farewell to Lapland. 

Accommodation: ICEHOTEL (Breakfast and Dinner)

DAY 8: Stockholm

Flying to Stockholm we enjoy a panoramic city tour before  our farewell dinner.

Accommodation: Radisson Blu Royal Viking Hotel (Breakfast and Dinner)

DAY 9: Depart Stockholm

This morning it is time to say farewell as your winter wonderland adventure ends. (Breakfast)

Please note: The ‘Northern Lights’ are absolutely at the behest of nature. We will be staying virtually a week in the north of Scandinavia and at some of the very best Aurora spotting locations to be found. We even go on an Aurora snowmobile safari. The chances of catching a wonderful display are very high however, as you will understand, cannot be guaranteed.

Designed and hosted by Lisa Ioakimidis

Over 24 years in the travel Industry, Lisa's passion has lead her to travel to travel to over 70 countries and 320 cities worldwide.

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