Kate Iles

Kate Iles

Kate Iles

Kate Iles specialises in designing trips of a life time for her clientele. Kate can also offer her extensive knowledge and expertise when it comes to designing tailor made itineraries.

Providing one of a kind customer service and designing travel to suit their individual style is very important to Kate and hence why she has a large group of loyal clientele. Kate’s style of travel is to immerse herself in a country, by exploring not only the major cities, but off the beaten tracks, with paths less visited by tourists. Kate started her tourism career in corporate travel; designing groups and incentive travel, so has a vast range of skills. 

Remarkable scenery, diverse cultures and intriguing history, are some of her key interests when picking the next destination to explore. Some of her favourite trips, have been ones where she has been able to interact with wildlife, and native communities.

Since having her own children, she has tried to also immerse them in travel, and can definitely guide families to pick suitable destinations for their memorable holidays. 


Tailor made itineraries

Unique Destinations

Small group travel


Regions of Expertise

Central & South America

North America (US, Canada & Alaska)


Sri Lanka


I believe that your life is not complete until you have travelled internationally and had the chance to immerse yourself into the unknown.


Favourite Tours

SOUTH AFRICA – Small Group Tour

Cape to Falls

22 days/21 nights

Travelling through Southern Africa by overland vehicle is such an amazing experience, as you get to witness the most amazing landscapes, from Red Sand Deserts in Namibia to the sheer beauty and power of VictoriaFalls. Africa is a place that should be on everyone’s bucket list, and is my favourite trip to date. 


Victoria to Calgary

12 days/11 nights

Canada is a destination of pure beauty. Whether or not your there to see the white capped mountains reflecting in the jade coloured lakes or your there to participate in winter activities like dog sledding, there is something for everyone. If you’re a train buff, the Rocky Mountaineer is a must!


Viva Cuba

12 days/11 nights

Salsa music, colourful colonial period buildings and classic cars are flowing through the streets of Cuba. Havana is a vibrant city, with alot of European influence, and is a hub to the beautiful beaches, rain forests& ancient cities that Cuba has to offer. It is a historians haven.


Mexico City to Cancun

14 days/13 nights

Mexico has so much history when it comes to the Mayan culture. There are some of the most amazing Mayan ruins & pyramids that are still being found through the thick dense overgrown jungles, such as the one sin Palenque. The best way to complete a trip in Mexico is to finish by the beautiful tropical beaches along the coast lines, visit the outer islands and have a few margaritas.

Favourite Destinations

Namibia: Amazing ever changing landscapes and rugged beauty.

Cuba: Musical haven with colourful old cities and classic cars.

Mexico: Ancient ruins and beautiful beaches. Never can get enough of this country!

Canada: Spectacular scenery especially in Lake Louise andBanff.

Singapore: Fun, food and fashion capital.

Cambodia: Awe inspiring Angkor ruins and friendly people.

Jamaica: Heavenly beaches and great Reggae music.

Sri Lanka: Ever changing scenery, lovely locals and diversehistory.

Cook Islands: Untouched stunning beaches, friendly localsand relaxed.

Vietnam: A cultural and culinary paradise.

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