Fiona Provis

Fiona Provis

Fiona Provis

Fiona has been lucky enough to travel to many varied places, and has stayed in different styles of accommodation from huts on the beach in Thailand to five star accommodation in Abu Dhabi.

Fiona has loved travel for as long as she can remember, and started her overseas travels with the requisite pilgrimage to London. From there a short stint working in Israel, and travelling back through manycountries in Europe to the UK. After a period spent there, it was onto TheUnited States of America for four years, travelling around a number of the states there.

After returning to Australia, Fiona joined the TravelIndustry, and has been lucky enough to travel to many varied places, and staying in many different styles of accommodation from huts on the beach inThailand to five star accommodation in Abu Dhabi.

She has lived and worked in London, Israel and the US, trekked in Nepal and Peru, skied in Australia, New Zealand, California, France& Italy, and scuba dived in Thailand, the Cook Islands, Vanuatu, and various destinations within Australia.

Some of the travel that Fiona has taken in the past few years have been a safari in Africa, driving a motorhome up the west coast ofAustralia, Cuba and regional Mexico, Vietnam, Mauritius, The Maldives, river cruising in Europe, and a big birthday in Hawaii!



America – So many diverse options

Thailand – The food!

Dubai – Constantly changing


Regions of Expertise



South Pacific


I love that everyone’s idea of travel is different. Helping people plan their dream trip is a way to constantly learn about new destinations, and ways of travelling.


Favourite Destinations

Hanauma Bay, Oahu Hawaii: one of my favourite beaches

Big Island of Hawaii: Seeing snow on Mauna Kea in Hawaii is quite amazing

Mala Mala Camp South Africa: To see magnificent animals in their natural habitat was fantastic

Inca Trail, Peru: Walking up to Machu Picchu was an unforgettable experience

California: The weather, the sights and the shopping

Coral Bay, Western Australia: Stunning beaches and sunsets

Chamonix, France: So many beautiful mountains in the area

Taxco, Mexico – fantastic little town famous for its silver jewellery

Vinales, Cuba – small town in the west, with a huge valley with steep limestone hills

Hanoi, Vietnam – the food tours are fantastic, especially on a Vespa

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