4 must-see attractions in Victorian High Country and the Gippsland Region

Covering most of Australia's Great Dividing Range, the Victorian High Country and the Gippsland region are two of the state’s most treasured gems. But, in an area that has such a vast outreach, it can be tricky knowing what to see and do to experience the very best of it. Here are four must-see attractions in this spectacular part of Victoria.
Walhalla, Victoria by Visit Victoria

Lakes Entrance

Let’s start with Lakes Entrance in the Gippsland Region. About four hours east of Melbourne, this little seaside metropolis sits right next to the Gippsland Lakes and on the other side of the town, just a couple hundred metres over a slim coastal sand dune, you are met with waves of the ocean crashing into the shoreline.

As a result, this stunning little town will welcome you with long, gorgeous stretches of some of the most natural and unspoilt beaches in the world. Perfect for lazy walks and kicking it back in the sun or, if surfing the waves is more your thing, it’s great for that too.

Looking lakeside of this truly beautiful family-friendly town, delight your tastebuds with some of the freshest local seafood going around and then take a stroll along the Esplanade and admire the lush parklands and wooden carved sculptures that are scattered along the way.

Let’s not forget the vast Gippsland Lakes itself, welcome to your unparalleled waterpark. Sailing, fishing, canoeing, kayaking, boating, or swimming – you can just about do any water activity imaginable.

Aerial view of Lakes Entrance by Visit Victoria

The Metung Hotel, Lakes Entrance by Visit Victoria

The Great Alpine Road

It’s no secret that the Victorian High Country is known for its spectacular scenic views. One of the most remarkable things about it is its ability to transform into all the colours of every season.
This metamorphosis will have your eyes bulging to the sights of golden-brown foliage that scatter immense valleys one minute, to white snow and wildflowers in the next.

Driving down The Great Alpine Road, you’ll be able to see a lot of what makes this place so special. From opulent forests, rugged mountain landscapes, rolling vineyards and some of the most striking lookouts our country has to offer.

Fortunately for you, we’ve got you covered on our Victorian High Country & Gippsland small group tour. Our tour takes this high road and stops at picturesque viewpoints like Mount Kosciusko lookout that marks the top of Australia’s highest mountain.

Best of all, no matter what time of year you travel down The Great Alpine Road, you’ll be blessed with views so jaw-dropping you’ll want to visit again to see what views the next season has in store for you.

The Great Alpine Road by Visit Victoria
Mount Kosciusko lookout by Elinor Sheargold © DPIE


Off the Great Alpine Road, we arrive in Bright. This lovely little village is situated 308 kilometres northeast of Melbourne and 310 metres above sea level. Nestled near the towering Victorian Alps, off-the-mountain activities are usually what’s on the agenda here. Skiing in the winter and hiking, kayaking and even ballooning in the spring and summer, this town will appease both the die-hard adventure junkies and those who just want to take it easy at a relaxed pace.

In autumn, be prepared for a view like nothing else as the auburn tones and colourful shades take over the forest-clad hills that surround the town. It really is one of Victoria’s most beautiful tourist destinations.

For the foodies out there, don’t forget to delight in superb local produce from the numerous village cafes and restaurants while tickling your tastebuds at the various boutique wineries nestled in the Alpine Valleys.

Streets of Bright by Visit Victoria

Autumn leaves in Bright by Visit Victoria

Mount Buffalo National Park

At 31,200 hectares, Mount Buffalo National Park, which is just 35 kilometres west of Bright, is a breathtaking sight both near and far. This incredible plateau is a nature lover’s dream with unique fauna and flora – like the Buffalo Sallee tree - studded around the park.

The landscape is a dramatic combination of massive granite tors, sinuous waterfalls, snow gum forests and uninterrupted vistas. This is Victorian High Country at its peak – pun intended!
If you feel like chasing waterfalls, be sure to take the hiking trail to the popular Lady Bath and Eurobin Falls. It’s a rewarding journey as you are greeted by gorgeous flowing sheets of water winding over vast granite rocks.

If you’re ready to give your camera shutter a workout, Mount Buffalo has you covered with ample lookouts and viewpoints too. The Horn lookout is undoubtedly the most popular spot to visit. It’s a 500 metre climb to the top and represents the highest point in the park. This is an amazing place to watch the sunrise and sunset at Mount Buffalo.

The Horn Lookout by Visit Victoria
Ladies Bath Falls by Visit Victoria

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