Southern Lights Flight - Melbourne Scenic Flight to view the Aurora Australis

Southern Lights Flight - Melbourne Scenic Flight to view the Aurora Australis

Enjoy an exclusive equinox Southern Lights Flight as you travel on a specially chartered 787-9 Dreamliner, flying high over the Southern Ocean towards Antarctica. Your destination – the incredible once-in-a-lifetime show of the unique and mesmerising equinox aurora! This 2021 Southern Lights Flight is not only designed for keen astronomers and astrophotographers, but for any adventurous traveller looking to tick off a major bucket-list travel experience. This is the ONLY Australian aurora flight to be timed during the all-important equinox week, when aurora reliability is much greater than at other time of the year. Aurora's strength is typically double to EIGHT times stronger at this time! Come join us in 2021 for this “bucket-list” ticking round-trip flight to discover an enchanting and mesmerising natural wonder of the world, the Southern Lights! See you on board in 2021!

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Tour Highlights

- EXCLUSIVE - the ONLY 2021 “equinox” aurora flight departing from Australia

- EXCLUSIVE - NO SEAT ROTATION during the flight/aurora viewing

There is NO mandatory seat rotation. The seats you book are yours for the ENTIRE flight. This is all part of the unique Quo Vadis experience.

- EXCLUSIVE - HIGHER aurora activity

Our flight is scientifically planned to coincide with the MUCH greater aurora activity which always occurs during the “aurora window” week around the two yearly

equinoxes – this is due to the extraordinary phenomenon of the Russell-McPherron Effect!

- EXCLUSIVE - SEAT SELECTION at the time of booking

We offer you seat selection choice based upon availability in the class chosen at the time of your booking


Book confidently with our Covid-19 refund policy. Deposits are refundable until June 15th 2021


Whilst on board, Quo Vadis Holidays’ owner/Director and a very select group of expert aurora photographers shall be on hand to assist with your photos!


Renowned and well-respected astrophysicist extraordinaire Professor Alan Duffy will enthral and enlighten us on auroras and all things astronomical on board!

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Tour Inclusions

- return flights from Melbourne
- international standard dining and beverage service
- Guest Astrophysicist on board as guest speaker
- Expert astrophotography advice and assistance on board

The flight will depart southwards from Melbourne on the 25th of September, at 8pm with dinner and beverages served once in-flight. En route you will have a special in-flight guest astrophysicist as speaker to teach you about the auroras and other fascinating astronomical facts, PLUS an expert aurora photographer will be on hand to advise you on how to best capture the auroras on camera. The plane will be alternating its direction during the flight to maximise visibility of the Southern Lights for all passengers. This will be done so that both sides of the plane will have approximately equal viewing time, should the auroras be showing. Cabin lighting will be dimmed whilst under the aurora oval to maximise your viewing chances.


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Departing 25 September 2021
From $2,190


Departing 25 September 2021