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Guesthouses (pension, Gasthaus, chambre d’hôte etc) and B&Bs offer greater comfort than hostels for a marginally higher price. B&Bs in the UK and Ireland often aren’t really budget accommodation – even the lowliest tend to have midrange prices and there is a new generation of ‘designer’ B&Bs, which are positively top end.

Hotels are usually the most expensive accommodation option, though at the lower end there is little to differentiate them from guesthouses or even hostels. At the cutting edge of the market, boutique and design hotels continue to push the envelope. Look out for creative options set in old castles, monasteries or even former prisons.

Some university towns rent out their student accommodation during the holiday periods. This is a popular practice in France, the UK and many Eastern European countries. University accommodation will sometimes be in single rooms (although it’s more commonly in doubles or triples) and might have cooking facilities.

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